Monday, March 01, 2004

Lego morning. Sam and I built a house together with a door and a window, and Emily was working on a futuristic Star Wars setting. Julia reworked her original large house structure, taking down all the outside walls but leaving the base intact. In the center, she built a tall house that looks kind of like a high rise meets L'Arc de Triomphe. Pretty cool!

We went grocery sopping and also picked up a rock climbing guide while we were out. I'm pretty psyched to get the kids into climbing this year! They're all old enough, and I'm hoping they'll be into it--Sam especially.

Emily had her drama class this afternoon--acting out different scenes from Rumpelstilskin. She got to be the queen for a scene and was in her element showing how sad she was at the thought of giving up her baby. She's really enjoying the class.

After class, we went to the park where we met some of our new homeschooling friends. The kids enjoyed running around and playing in the gorgeous weather--I hope this weather lasts! I'm ready for spring!

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