Thursday, March 11, 2004

Sam and Julia had art class this morning, so we were out and about. Sam didn't really want to take his class this morning unless we were in the room, so all the kids got to go in and make play dough. Before we all went in, Emily was playing around with numbers on the calculator, performing different functions and having fun.

The girls played outside most of the afternoon, while Sammy and I laid down for a nap. He seems to be feeling better with an afternoon nap, though he still would rather stay up and play. The nice thing is that with a nap, he can stay up later with the girls and spend more time with dh. Once he really gets that, I think he'll be more on board. Right now, of course, he wants to be able to do it all, and it's frustrating that he can't--not without taking it out on us, anyway. After he fell asleep, I went out front to sit in the sunshine and be with the girls for a while, though they stayed out longer than I did. It gets chilly once that sun starts going down.

This evening the kids watched Joseph and the King of Dreams, which we borrowed from the library. Afterwards, we looked up the stories about Joseph in the DK Bible and talked a bit about them and how the two representations differed. I'm going to try to find a copy of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat--the girls should love that!

We watched Survivor together and talked a lot about interpersonal dynamics--what makes some people get along, why some people don't fit in. Some very interesting conversations come out of that show! The kids played for a while, and then we caught Justice League again. We're going to have to start taping the episodes because they are all totally into them.

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