Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Earth Farm Song by Sam

Time is big;
Love is big.
You can have your own world right in your own hands.
You just need to focus.

Time is love;
Time is god.
You’re bigger than any god.

Time is time.
Heart is heart.
Time is heart.

Heart is soul.
Fire is fire.
Fire breathes;
Fire’s bigger than flames

Fire is heart.
Smoke is gas.
Smoke is deadly, sometimes.

Heart can be soul.
Strength is wood.
Heart is love.

Scared of the dark?
Dark is not to be afraid of,
That is where love lies.

Life is the life.
Love is stronger than any goddesses or gods.
Zeus cannot be stopped,
But love can stop him,
Time can stop him.

When they work together,
Love and time can stop anything.

We are love.
We are made from our moms and dads.
We started out as a dream,
And one dreamed us.

We are love and time.
We can hold time right in our hands;
We just need to focus.

We can all be creative
When we see something we like;
We just need to think of it.

We are love.

Vegetables are fruit.
Words are knowledge.
Clothing is our wearing.
We are all love and time.
Time is love.

We are all people of this earth.
We can see anything that’s close enough.
We can see to the Atlantic Ocean.
We can see love,
But we can’t see the heart of the love.

But we know the heart of the love:
Earth’s heart, gaia’s heart is the heart of love.
That heart is invisible.
If they ever see it or find it, the lava will burn them.

Love is nature;
Love is stronger than any force.
Love is nature.
We all love our moms and dads;
We are stronger than any force.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


We went into New York City this year for our Chinese New Year celebration—the day after the big parade. We had lunch at a small restaurant called Singapore Cafe. The food was great; the service was great; and the kids really enjoyed the lazy susan table and the tea cups. Sam ate his requisite order of fried dumplings and was happy as a clam. Of course, we chose one of the coldest days of the year to go into the city, and I was concerned that the wind-tunnel effect on the city streets would make the trip unbearable. We layered and bundled, and overall, the cold wasn't too bad. The wind wasn't up, which really made all the difference.

After lunch we walked around Chinatown for a while and ended up at this awesome store in SoHo called Pearl River where we found our own tea cups, spoons and fabulous outfits for the kids. Of course, the kids had almost as much fun on the subway and commuter train as they did in the city, making the rush back meet the train mercifully easy. Here's a photo of the girls in their Mandarin outfits on the way back home in Cabela's, an outdoor/ hunting store that is an experience, to say the least. A 250,000 sf showroom with a 40' waterfall, bass pond and several diorama displays of stuffed animals—like real stuffed, not plush. Seeing the size of these animals was amazing! From black bears to grizzly bears to polar bears, from Icelandic fox to African elephant, Cabela's displays are truly worth seeing if there's a showroom near you. They make a great stop on a long trip—with clean bathrooms, plenty to see and a buffet restaurant. I'd highly recommend checking for locations if you're traveling.