Saturday, December 17, 2005

What's Black and White and Wiggly all over?

Our new pup, Buddy! After much searching, we finally found the perfect rescue pup for our family. Buddy was found hiding under a trailer and rescued by A Forever Home, the same organization from whom we adopted our older dog, Boo. Sam has been wanting a puppy for some time, and Boo has been wanting a playmate. We found both in this little guy and feel very lucky to welcome him into our family.

We were able to meet Buddy last Thursday, as his foster family willingly drove half the distance to meet us. We all piled in the car, Boo included, to meet this little guy and see if he was meant to be part of our family. The two dogs got along great, and, well, Buddy pretty much stole our hearts. We were smitten!

I drove several hours on Sunday to pick him up from the rescue's adoption event, and he slept the whole ride home. By the time we got back to our farm, he was ready to play and he's been playing ever since! He and Boo have had so much fun romping in the snowy pastures, and the kids have adored playing with him despite all the puppy nips. Mr. Buttons, our kitten, however, has been slower to warm up to the notion of having this bundle of kanine energy in the house and continues to give him a very wide bearth. A border collie/spaniel mix, Buddy is full of life and is very smart and eager to please. He's learning quickly and promises to have plenty of energy to keep up with this high energy crew.