Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Earth Farm Song by Sam

Time is big;
Love is big.
You can have your own world right in your own hands.
You just need to focus.

Time is love;
Time is god.
You’re bigger than any god.

Time is time.
Heart is heart.
Time is heart.

Heart is soul.
Fire is fire.
Fire breathes;
Fire’s bigger than flames

Fire is heart.
Smoke is gas.
Smoke is deadly, sometimes.

Heart can be soul.
Strength is wood.
Heart is love.

Scared of the dark?
Dark is not to be afraid of,
That is where love lies.

Life is the life.
Love is stronger than any goddesses or gods.
Zeus cannot be stopped,
But love can stop him,
Time can stop him.

When they work together,
Love and time can stop anything.

We are love.
We are made from our moms and dads.
We started out as a dream,
And one dreamed us.

We are love and time.
We can hold time right in our hands;
We just need to focus.

We can all be creative
When we see something we like;
We just need to think of it.

We are love.

Vegetables are fruit.
Words are knowledge.
Clothing is our wearing.
We are all love and time.
Time is love.

We are all people of this earth.
We can see anything that’s close enough.
We can see to the Atlantic Ocean.
We can see love,
But we can’t see the heart of the love.

But we know the heart of the love:
Earth’s heart, gaia’s heart is the heart of love.
That heart is invisible.
If they ever see it or find it, the lava will burn them.

Love is nature;
Love is stronger than any force.
Love is nature.
We all love our moms and dads;
We are stronger than any force.


Deanne said...

So sweet and beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing it! :)

Marcy said...

I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a blog before, but I wanted Sam to know how wonderful I think his song is. It’s very moving. Such powerful words and thoughts. Thanks him for sharing. He made my world brighter.

Danielle said...

Thank you both for the kind comments—Sam is quite pleased and proud. He chose the picture to go with the post and everything, so hearing your comments really made his day.

Rue said...

Hi Sam - I love your song! It's beautiful and it has a lot of really big ideas in it that I like to think about.

kimzyn said...

Although I have commented on many blogs before, I second marcy's comment.

Ren Allen said...

Such a deep little man, that one.:)

Thank you for sharing your creative vision with us Sam. I have a feeling we'll be reading more in the future.

Madeline Rains said...

Sam, that is the coolest earth song that I have ever heard. I will share it with my kids who also ride a tractor. Thanks for putting it up here and I love the picture.

Danielle, it is so good to read your blog again! I started bloggin again a wee ago and when I changed it's format I lost my link to you. Finally found you. Where is your farming blog? You are going to NC, right? We are!

Anonymous said...

OH yeah! Keep on writing! I want to hear more!