Tuesday, March 30, 2004

A gloomy day spent paying bills and switching over to spring clothes. *sigh* The kids had a ball yanking all the clothes out of the bins. It was like going shopping and getting a whole new wardrobe. "Oooh" and "ahhh" and "it's adorable!"

We did all kinds of math in our heads today, adding hundreds and thousands, multiplying, playing around with the math tricks from School House Rock. Em is so good with numbers and really has fun playing around with the different concepts.

Julia and I played Settlers of Catan while Sam and Em played the computer downstairs. Later the kids put together a theater in Sam's room. They drew pictures for the play, which took place under the loft--complete with a huge blanket as a curtain. Sam was the acrobat, which consisted of clipping the dog's leash to his pants and jumping off the top of the loft in dramatic poses. He's very fond of the dog leashes, and he often uses them to mountain climb the steps. *lol* We need to get him on the rocks!

Em played Ages of Empires with her father last night, reenacting one of Caesar's battles--not sure which one. They read some books with dh for a while then played together in the girls' room until Justice League came on. Julia decided she was too tired to stay up to watch, so she went to bed, knowing that she could watch it in the morning on video tape.

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