Friday, March 12, 2004

We went to La Leche League meeting this morning but unfortunately none of the other kids was there, so Em was really disappointed. It was a pretty low key meeting, so that worked in our favor. Afterwards the leaders talked about when we could get together to begin my leader application, which will hopefully happen soon. It's great to be involved and give something back by helping other nursing mothers try to figure things out.

Afternoon was pretty relaxing. Sam took some quiet time, and the girls and I played outside. I miss the warmer weather we were having! Emily and Julia spent some time writing cards for their friends. We got some generic cards in the mail from one of the charities, so I gave them to the girls. They made cards to send in the mail and took some over to our neighbors. Emily wanted to put some of her own money in them, but I suggested that she find something else special. The girls chose to include a plastic gem in the envelopes instead--a pretty good compromise. I need to see if I can pick up some bulk cards for them to have.

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