Thursday, March 04, 2004

Wow! We've been running around like crazy today!

Sam and Julia had art classes this morning, and we went to game day at the library afterwards. They had loads of fun, though Sam was a *bit* burned out to be cooped up playing board games. He adjusted though, and we were able to find him some good DVDs to borrow, ultimately making him happy too.

While Sam was in his art class, the girls and I played with their letter cubes, making words and silly sounds, playing around with the different vowel sounds and placements. They were also playing with my calculator, testing out the multiplication problems from School House Rock. Some pretty cool math time, trying out different operations, talking about number places and how to read large numbers. Later in the day, Emily was practicing counting by 5s as fast as she could. We did some more weights and measures at the grocery store, weighing produce and bulk nuts/ candy.

Em and Julia also spent some time drawing and coloring with crayons. Emily drew a picture of Eve, Satan and The Tree of Knowledge in the garden of Eden, which we had been talking about the other day. She's fascinating by mythology of all sorts, and now she's getting into Judeo-Christian stories of creation, good and evil. I was able to find the Dorling Kindersley Illustrated Bible today at the library along with their illustrated mythology book. Those should provide hours of interesting fun!

Now the kids are in the bedroom watching their Scooby Doo DVDs and eating from a trough of cheerios. *g*

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