Sunday, March 07, 2004

We had a super weekend! Dh's parents were down, so the kids got lots of adventure time. After a few squall storms on Saturday blew through, the weather was beautiful. We ate a late lunch/ early dinner outside both days.

Grampa brought down a climbing rope, with a bottom platform. The kids can sit, stand or climb on it and have been having a blast doing just that! Grampa also drilled a tennis ball to put in a string, which he suspended from the top deck. The kids have been practicing hitting the ball with tennis rackets, really working on their eye-hand coordination. The bottom deck now houses 3 swings, a tether ball, rings, the climbing rope and tennis ball--the kids have their own private gym!

Dh and I got to go into Georgetown for dinner Saturday night, which was a special treat. We had a great time wandering through the stores and talking. At the end of the evening, we went into The Art Store, which is 3 stories full of amazing art supplies. It is total eye-candy and so much fun to walk around. We ended up buying 25 lbs. of clay, lots of tempera paints (ours were old and almost gone), watercolors, oil pastels and some origami paper. I just *love* places like this; they really appeal to my creative impulses. It was so much fun to get home and show the girls (Sam was already asleep) all the fun stuff we got. We were all excited to jump in and try it out! First thing in the morning, Emily and I tried out the origami. She wanted a crane (nothing like starting small, right?), so we worked through the directions and made a beautiful silver crane.

Sunday, the grandparents took the kids over to the park, and Emily supposedly went head-to-head with a 7 yo boy. He refused to believe that she didn't go to school and told her that she had to go because it was "a law!" I got all this second-hand, but apparently Emily retorted, "I homeschool and it's fun to be with your family!" Go girl! *lol*

Grampa's story was that the boy then began to quiz Emily on math, but she knew all the answers. She said Julia knew the answers too, but her little brother--3.5--was playing over yonder and he probably wouldn't know if the boy wanted to go ask him. Too funny! I think Em gets my confrontation gene--she backs down for nothin'!

After the grandparents left, we relaxed inside for a while. We tried our new watercolor paints and then watched a movie. It was fun to relax and reconnect again without so much going on.

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