Thursday, March 25, 2004

Hung out and spread mulch this week--15 yards and still not enough!

The kids have been having a great time playing outside on the climber, spraying each other with the hose, climbing on the mulch pile, you name it. They've played everything from Spiderman to spaceship. They've also really enjoyed playing with the kids in the neighborhood so much now that the weather is getting nicer. It's so wonderful when everyone starts coming out of their houses again!

Wednesday, Sam helped his dad build the triangle supports for the tree fort, and dh showed Emily how he figured out the dimensions by using the pythagorean thereom--pretty cool!

We've been reading about Mark Twain, the feature of this month's Discovery Kids Magazine, and we're going to start Tom Sawyer this weekend. Lately, it's just been so nice that we spend all our time outside, and then we're beat by the time we come in at night.

Emily and Julia are really into American Idol , so we've been watching that at night. I think Em's really enjoying watching everything that goes into stage performance, which is really her dream right now. Next year, she'll be old enough to start participating in some of the local theater companies.

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