Thursday, April 01, 2004

April Fool's Day!
Julia had art class this morning, so we did our Sam's Club shopping while she was in class. Afterwards, we went to Borders Books and spent our Discover Card Cashback Bonus Bucks. We got lots of great books--some Justice League and Wonder Woman readers, several Secrets of Droon books, some books on Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia, and a cool Egyptian heiroglyphics kit. The kids and dh have been playing historical scenario games in Ages of Empires, so we've been reading more about the ancient civilizations portrayed in the game. We've been learning all about Caesar and Hannibal, Mesopotamia, Summeria, etc. Lots of cool stuff!

We watched Survivor and parts of CSI--Emily's so fascinated with the science that goes on it that show. She just covers her eyes or leaves the room during the really graphic parts. Lots of interesting stuff to learn about though--forensic science, fingerprinting, facial reconstruction based on bone structure (which we'd actually just seen in one of the gladiator shows), deductive reasoning, the justice system.

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