Friday, April 16, 2004

Well, we've all been sick as dogs. What a drag! The kids and I drove down to my mom's in Alabama Tuesday and Wednesday. They were so sick they actually didn't mind vegging in the car in front of movies all day--though an 11.5 hour trip gets to be long no matter how your feeling! Wednesday was a shorter day in the car, and we got to have some fun and unwind in the afternoon when we arrived.

We've been having fun with their grandmother and some good friends from Albuquerque, whom we left behind when we moved 3 years ago. The reunion has been so much fun, and the kids are really getting along well and having a blast with each other. Hopefully, we're not going to get them all sick as well! We're still struggling to get over this cold. I'm hoping we'll be able to bake it out in the sunshine at the beach.

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