Sunday, February 29, 2004

We hung out for a while Saturday morning, relaxing together. Then we went to an unschooler's party for the afternoon. The kids had a really great time playing with everyone, and I enjoyed hanging out and talking with other unschoolers. Dh did an admirable job for the first hour and half, so I granted him a repreive *g* and he went shopping at Best Buy for a new tv. So, even he ended up having an okay day. We watched Finding Nemo on the new tv when we got home. The color and definition are just amazing!

Sunday was a relaxing day at home. We were going to head into the city, but it was so beautiful out, that we decided to hang around at home enjoying the beautiful weather. We built 3 birdhouses, which have a 1 1/4" hole to accomodate either chickadees or house wrens. The kids helped me measure, drill and nail them together--dh and I used the circular saw by ourselves. But the kids did a great job with the hammer, and they were really excited to be learning to use tools. We're going to paint the houses this week and hopefully get them out next weekend.

Dh went for a nice bike ride, and the kids rode their bikes for a little while. They played on the climber and the swings, practiced batting and roller skating, climbed on the log piles, played soccer--generally just enjoyed being outside and even went barefoot for a while! Beautiful weekend! At one point, Emily went inside and got water cups for everyone (our neighbors were visiting). She counted them all out, filled them and put them on the tray--she just needed my help to carry them out. What a thoughtful hostess!

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