Sunday, February 22, 2004

Another Uno morning! Julia is quite fond of games; she begins asking the moment we wake up. She's given up on me because I keep telling her that I need my cappuccino first. LOL Now, she accosts me with, "After your cappuccino, can we play..."

I had a very productive day--lots of spring cleaning. It felt so good to have the windows open and get the floors clean! The kids helped clean up their room and playroom, so I could vacuum. I decided to organize the kids Top Secret Agent puzzles today, which took a couple of hours. I asked the girls if they were interested in doing the puzzles with me, but they were busy playing dolls in their bedroom. I worked at them by myself for a while, then dh--who had been installing a new OS on the kids' computer--decided to join me. Then the girls showed up to help, and Sam sat and visited. We were all working puzzles for close to an hour, munching on pretzels and talking. Then the kids went outside to ride their skooters, and dh played Majesty on the computer while I finished up.

Today was a great unschooling day. We were all doing our own thing but ended up coming together and connecting over a bunch of puzzles. Top Secret Agent revolves around a different country each month. The kids explore another culture while trying to solve a mystery--kind of along the lines of Carmen SanDiego. We talked a bit about the different countries whose puzzles we were doing. It was all very low key, but fun. A good family day with a dash of geography.

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