Thursday, February 26, 2004

Another lego morning! Sam and Julia's art classes were cancelled this morning, so we hung out at home for a while. They played with legos for a while--Julia reconstructed her building. Emily slept in till almost 11 am! Apparently, she was up with her father at around 5:30 (he had to leave early for a review panel he's on) and couldn't get back to sleep. Julia and Sam painted for a little while.

This afternoon we went to a homeschoolers game day at the library. The kids played board games for a couple of hours with some friends, and they met a new friend, too. They had fun hanging out with everyone, and even Sam played a couple of games.

We hit the grocery store afterwards and restocked. We weighed apples, onions, potatoes and bananas. Came home and watched Kim Possible, ate dinner, played Ages of Empires, looked at some more Egyptian mythology and researched Atum (the primeval god of the setting sun) and watched Survivor. Julia was tired and went to bed around 8, but Sam and Emily stayed up for a while playing downstairs and watching the new Rescue Heroes movie.

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