Wednesday, February 25, 2004

No games this morning--got to just chill out with my cappuccino in front of my email. That was nice! The girls were building with legos on the kitchen table when I got up, and they were still at it when by the time Sam woke up sometime after 9:00. They all played for at least another hour when I made second breakfast. Julia has had this amazing structure going for several weeks now. She filled in one of the 1' x 1' tiles completely with legos, and then began building walls. It was very cool, but, unfortunately, it broke apart this afternoon. She took it in stride though, so I guess she was mostly done with it.

Emily played some more of her chess program today--she really likes it! Sam and Julia finished Lilo & Stitch , which they had been watching last night when it just got too late for everyone. I'm healthy and had a moment to myself--how cool is that? I actually got a chance to try out my new pilates video. I'm hoping that I'll enjoy the tapes, get stronger and more fit.

We took the puppy to the park today and hung out there for a while. The weather was beautiful--way too nice to stay inside! I threw the ball while the kids played on the climbers. When Boo was finally tired of fetch, I played monster tag with the kids. I had Boo on the lead running around with me, so she got a really great workout. At one point, she actually climbed up the fake rock wall--it was too funny. I had visions of the two of us running in one of those dog obstacle course competitions. *lol* When we got home we snuggled on the couch in the last of the sunshine and read about 60+ pages of The Secrets of Droon 3. Em really loves the stories. Julia likes them, too, and even Sam listened for a while today.

Once my voice gave out, the girls spent some time making up a play. Sam was fooling around with the chess program and ended up side-tracking Emily from the play for help. So, I never got to see what the girls were working on. All the dress up stuff was on the floor, so I imagine it was something good! *g* Maybe tomorrow...

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