Wednesday, February 18, 2004

This is a new adventure for us in technology. We're hoping to have fun and keep up with the cool stuff going on in the virtual world.

We've had a tremendous week so far. If I could figure out how to retro-post, I would separate this out into days. But, as it is, you're getting it all in one lump.

Feeling Froggy
Our pond finally defrosted, so we checked on our fish. We still have all our koi, but we found a dead frog in the bottom. I fished him out and brought him inside, where we were able to dissect him despite the dull kitchen knife. In retrospect, a razor blade would have been a good idea. (Will remember that for next time!) We were able to see the muscle tissue and cut that back to the organs. We found the heart, the 3-chambered liver, the gall blader and the intestines. We then went online to find out more about what we were seeing at one of the several virtual dissection sites: here's the one we checked out.

Where's my mummy?
We caught a history channel special on pyramids and have been delving into that the past couple of days. I rented the WB cartoon The Mummy: Search for the Lost Scrolls, which the kids have been watching over and over. Emily and I have been reading through books on mummies and Egyptian mythology, trying to sort through the different gods and goddesses. We've looked through some amazing books, compared different images from The Book of the Dead, interpreted maps and learned about Egyptian life in the past and present. This has been really interesting for all of us, and I'm excited to see where this journey will lead since it's already spurred discussions on architecture, physics, comparative religion and ethics.

We began our letterboxing adventures this past weekend at a local park. We enjoyed a two mile hike to Calvert Cliffs where we hunted for fossils along the beach--for about 5 minutes because it was so cold! But we found our first letterbox, which was exciting for all of us. I finished designing our family stamp today and hope to get to the hobby store this weekend to buy the materials I need to carve it. Then we'll be set for our next adventure! You can check out more about letterboxing at Letterboxing North America.

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