Friday, November 05, 2004

Let's see if I can catch up here...

The kids had a really great Halloweeen. Emily was Mulan, Julia was her own version of Sleeping Beauty and Sam was Prince Philip. They are still just so excited about the whole idea of going around and collecting candy! My ankle was still pretty bum, and with all the hills and unpaved driveways in our neighborhood, I decided to let Jim take them around by himself this year. I was just going to hit the neighbors' next door with them, but I ended up doing all of our street with them before sendind them on their way--they were having so much fun!

Grampa came down for a visit after voting on Election Day, and the kids just adore him! We took him down to our favorite beach where we could all play with the puppy. They showed him how to dig for fossils in the cliffs, how to explore the wetlands on the boardwalk, where to build the best dam, and he helped them move some really big logs to make a bridge. The kids had him climbing on barrier rocks with them and hunting for fossilized sharks' teeth while I threw the stick for Boo--over and over and over!

We've been losing all our leaves the past week, which with all the trees we have means many huge piles of leaves for jumping! The kids help gather all the fallen twigs for kindling while Jim and I blow and rake the leaves, so by the time we have a big pile, all the sticks are safely out and the kids can just have a blast. Sam's been out with his Prince Philip sword and shield attacking the leaves while I blow them; I wish I had a picture of him shining! It's hard to say who likes the leaf blower more, Sam or the puppy!

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