Friday, November 12, 2004

As part of her ongoing interest in Egypt, Emily has been building a papier mache pyramid. We mixed the glue, which Em thought was pretty gross, and then got a good layer on that we'll let dry before putting on a final layer. When it's all done, she's going to paint it, and who knows where it'll go!

Emily and Julia have been doing lots of science experiments lately with food coloring and oil, creating lava lamp-esque concoctions. The other day, they took the food coloring they'd mixed in water and used it to create really cool tie-dye paper towels with an eye dropper. We hung them out on the deck to dry when they were all done, but they disappeared! Wind, one might think, but no! We found the green paw-prints that led us to catch the thief green-pawed. Boo, our puppy, had eaten them, and boy were the next few days interesting!

Em continues to be quite interesting in playing with numbers and has been spending lots of time working on addition and subtraction, sometimes asking for verbal and sometimes written problems. The car is usually her favorite time for number play, but she also likes to do this late at night. Amazing what kids will do when left to their own devices!

We had our 4-H Gardening club this week where we harvested a bunch of seeds, shared some strawberry and blackberry plants and cleaned our garden beds.

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