Tuesday, October 26, 2004

We had a lovely weekend, and it was so nice to see the sun again on Saturday! We took the puppy over to the beach where we all had a lovely day hunting for fossils and just being outside. We've had so much rain here recently! The kids hunted around for some fossilized sharks teeth and played pirate under the huge cliffs.

Sam had a blast playing in the water, which we knew he would. That boy is drawn to water like a moth to a flame! Water always helps him find peace, and he can play in it for hours. He's funny to watch at the beach because he'll be totally mesmerized and peaceful; then, all of a sudden, he'll cross a sensory threshold and have to get into a warm tub immediately! Too much sand, too much cold, whatever--get that boy a tub!

Julia had fun climbing and throwing the stick for our puppy to fetch. She was the only one not to get wet, not a big surprise, though Boo took care of that by shaking on her each time she came back on the beach! Boo can fetch that stick for more than an hour--as long as we're there, she's in the water. Hard to say who likes it more Sam or Boo. Sunday, it was raining again, so it was good we got out in the sunshine when we had the chance!

The leaves here look lovely, and the kids are quite excited for Halloween. They're counting down the days!

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