Saturday, October 16, 2004

Well, it's been an interesting week. I fell while bouldering last Sunday and sprained my ankle, putting me out of commission pretty well. UGH! I haven't been able to get around much at all for the past week and have had my ankle immobile and elevated most of the time. The kids have been great and really understanding, considering they've had to be pretty self-sufficient all week long. The girls have been making sure I have plenty of water to drink, and all the kids have been teriffic about fetching things for me or helping me shuffle all my stuff from the couch to the bed where we can watch DVD's.

The upside of the whole ankle thing is that we've been catching up on our reading. We began Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban on Tuesday and just finished it last night. The girls and I have been reading voraciously! Emily has been working hard to negotiate all the strong emotions evoked by the novel, which has afforded some really good opportunities to talk about dealing with our emotions.

Sam has had, probably, the hardest time dealing with my ankle being out of whack because I haven't been as available for him as I usually am. For one thing, he misses snuggling in his new sling! Luckily, we haven't been out and about, so he hasn't needed it as much to create a comfort zone, but he does miss snuggling in the morning while trying to wake up. He's been enjoying his gameboy and finding small ways to help me when he's feeling generous.

Last night, he came upstairs dressed in his wolf costume, which always makes Boo go nuts. He and the dog were rolling around and wrestling on the floor, and it was absolutely the cutest, funniest moment! He loves his puppy, and she is so good with him. The two of them are basically like litter mates since we got Boo when she was just 7 weeks old. She and Sam have grown up together, and it's hard to say who likes the wrestling more!

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