Friday, September 03, 2004

What a wonderful, relaxing, perfect unschooling day! The kids wanted to paint this morning when they woke up, so they pulled out the water colors. It's amazing to watch how self-sufficient they've become! They pointed out to me that all our watercolor paper is gone, so we'll have to head into The Art Store in Georgetown, which we're all looking forward to upon our return.

While I was eating breakfast, the kids decided they wanted water balloons, so they filled a bunch up and brought them up to me to tie. They took them outside to play, and before long, they were asking to take them into the pool. While they were swimming, they discovered that some of the water balloons would float while some would sink. They began hypothesizing that maybe it was the amount of water or the temperature of the water. Before long, Emily realized that it was the amount of air in the balloon with the water that made it float!

This afternoon, we watched Cats for a while, which Emily and Julia thought was pretty cool. The kids were all working to balance and dance the way the cats were; they were discussing the different costumes, which looked more cat-like, which was their favorite.

Sam soon grew bored after he'd had enough snuggling and headed downstairs, shortly to reappear with another balloon for me to tie. This time, instead of water, the balloon contained a magnetic ball. I blew it up for him, and he threw it up in the air for a while, watching the way it wobbled, spun and sunk--movement very different from the graceful floating of an air-filled balloon. Soon, he disappeared again and reappeared with a magnet to attach to the ball inside, knowing full well what would happen when he tried to pull it away because it's one of his favorite experiments.

The girls are now outside, dressed in their Colonial Williamsburg garb in anticpation of our upcoming trip, and they're harvesting vegetables like good little Colonial girls. As our gardens here in Southern Maryland are fading fast, it should be interesting to see what's in their baskets on their return! Sam has scattered a bag of cherry tomatoes on the table given to us by a member of our 4-H club, and he has experimented with how well the paper bag holds water, reporting that I was correct in pointing out that paper did not hold water so well. *lol* Emily just came in with a basket full of red hot chilis to roast! Not a bad harvest.

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