Thursday, September 09, 2004

We've been down in Williamsburg, Virginia, having a wonderful time despite Frances's gusts and squalls. The weather here has actually been pretty good because we're far enough East to have missed most of the hurricane's dissipating energy.

Wednesday, we arrived in time to hang out in Colonial Williamsburg for a couple of hours, checking out the blacksmith, post office and, of course, gift shops. The best part was hanging around for the fife and drum parade, which the kids love. We marched and danced behind them for about a block or so, then headed over to check into the hotel.

Today, we spent the day in Jamestown Settlement. It was the first time we'd been there, and the kids had a blast. The Powhatan Village was really interesting, though, in my opinion, not nearly so well done as the Wampanoag Village next to Plimoth Plantation. The kids had a chance to lay down in the Yehakins (Powhatan house), grind corn, stir bean soup, play with corn cob arrows, and feel several different animal pelts--bear, wolf, fox, beaver, raccoon, skunk, rabbit and deer.

We went on the Settlement where the highlights were getting to put on plate armor, hold a real sword and find out a bit about how children learned to sword fight, and watch a period gun being fired and hold it afterwards. We also saw a lovely flock of Golden Dorkings, and the cockerel was so beautiful--really made me wish we could have roosters! The kids also enjoyed exploring the reproduction Susan Constant and sleeping in the berths.

The girls are planning on dressing up in their 18th Century costumes tomorrow for our morning in Williamsburg before we head home. They are very excited by the prospect that some people may mistake them for actual Colonial children.

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