Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today's been a relaxing but busy day--ever have one of those paradoxical kind of days?

Sam played Spy Fox on the computer most of the morning, while Emily and Julia played with their Top Secret Agent Cards. Then Sam helped me get another coat of paint on the shelves in his bedroom. The kids then spent some time playing with a bag full of plastic grocery bags, popping them, shaking them, then ripping them to make hats, vests and skirts. They went out front for a while, playing some space commander game of some sort dressed in their quasi-futuristic garb. Too funny! Their imaginations never cease to amaze me!

After second breakfast, we headed over to the community center to schedule space for our 4-H meetings, after which we went to the park and the library.

When we got home we read through the Ultimate Guide to X-Men for a while, played with the Boggle letter cubes, looked through a book on folk art whirligigs and weathervanes, and read a fun book called Rotten Ralph Helps Out all about Egypt--one of Emily's passions. After reading the book, we talked about how we could make a papiermache pyramid, similar to a project the little girls does in the book. We decided to wait until tomorrow to begin, and in the meantime, the girls pulled out their markers and some paper. Emily made a beautiful picture of King Tut's mask, complete with his pharaoh beard.

The kids are now busy watching Kim Possible and the Proud Family on the Disney channel, now that their Scooby-Doo DVD from the library is over.

Whew! No wonder it felt like a busy day!

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