Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Confusing Messages

I was gazing at my oldest, amazed by the adult she's rapidly becoming, when it occurred to me that all my hopes and dreams for her come in an awful jumbled emotional mess. This all came clear in an instant as my tenets flashed through my head:

1) you are perfect and infinitely lovable just the way you are.

2) happiness comes through being happy just where you are.

3) but don't ever be satisfied to be just where you are.

Interesting. There's a lot caught up in that third notion of goal-setting, striving, and ambition....


Miranda said...

Reminds me of a quote I ran across, and I have to paraphrase: We are all perfect just the way we are and all of us could use a little work.

laura said...

oooh, i know this one!!! i have so many jumbled emotions when it comes to who my kids are, who they are becoming and the old visions i once held for them...even the ones i had before they were ever born.

Julie said...

Wow. Interesting! You sure DID give me some food for thought!!