Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Recent Projects

Julia's ATC Swap Series "Valentines Forever"

Emily's ATC Swap Series "Snowfall"

Danielle's ATC Swap Series "Typeset"

As part of an Imagination Tribe ATC swap, the girls and I made 26 Artist Trading Cards each. We began with a poster board canvas, which we painted and then cut into individual cards. We worked with acrylic paints coated with a clear shellac. Jules focused on mixing her own paint colors; Em focused on different brush strokes; I worked with a texture-technique using plastic wrap. My cards featured two textured layers of paint, a gold-foil alphabet letter, and several alphabet add-ons--stickers, rubs and metal letters. We had a blast creating these and are looking forward to the next mini-trade and a collaborative ABC book trade coming up.

The kids each received a plaster model kit for Christmas this year, which they had fun mixing and painting. Emily got a T-Rex skeleton, which she pieced together like an archaeology dig. Jules got a cast of several different butterflies, and Sam got a NASA kit with a cast of a rocket, sattelite and the space shuttle. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of Sam's creation. They had fun mixing the plaster, pouring it and painting it with the paints provided.

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