Sunday, January 09, 2005

We went to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore this weekend as part of our celebration of Julia's birthday. What an amazing place! This was, believe it or not, the first time we'd been there, and it was wonderful! The kids had so much fun, and dh might even have had more! The Rube Goldberg machine was great and right up Sam's alley--that's one of his favorite things. He must've sat there and watched it for a good 15 minutes solid.

The kids had a blast exploring the dinosaur room where they went on a dino dig, reconstructed a dinosaur skeleton, created a virtual timeline and measured different dino footprints. We compared carnivore and herbivore teeth and examined some fossils for evidence of dino feathers!

Here's Julia working out her upper body strength with a little help from a pulley system. Julia, especially, had a great time in the physics room, considering her recent scientific discovery at home. She had been trying to run across the room at home while balancing a bean bag on her head, which she got pretty good at. She continued to become frustrated, however, because once she stopped at the other side after successfully balancing the bean bag the entire way, it would suddenly and inexplicably fly off her head. Objects in motion, tend to stay in motion! So, exploring the momentum exhibit held special relevance to her.

After the museum, we went over to Pizzeria UNO to celebrate Julia's birthday, and oh! how she was shining when the wait staff came out to sing especially to her! My sweet, sweet six year old!

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