Thursday, January 06, 2005

Julia celebrated her sixth birthday this Tuesday! It's hard to believe that my sweet little Julia is already 6! I know, I know, parents always say that, but it's just so hard to grasp the speed with which time passes. She invited her siblings and one special friend to Build-A-Bear for her birthday party, where they had a fun time choosing and stuffing and choosing and dressing.

The girls all chose dolls from the Friends 2B Made collection, while Sam chose another Bear and a basketball uniform to go with the basketball net that he'd bought last time we were there. Emily and Julia both built boy dolls to go with some earlier girl dolls that they had built, and the both had saved some money to buy another girls' outfit to take home to their girls. Julia was thrilled to pick out another special outfit from her gramma and one from her birthday guest, so she had quite a day!

After Build-A-Bear, we went down to the food court, where we had a special white pizza--Julia's favorite. Then, we had an extra-special surprise for the birthday girl: a cookie cake from The Great American Cookie Company. Julia had such a great day and felt like such a big girl to be having her birthday party at the mall. Too funny!

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