Thursday, July 01, 2004

We went to see Cat in the Hat yesterday morning, and the kids enjoyed it despite being a little scared. We brought some money this time so they could play a game in the arcade after the movie, which Sam had really wanted to do last week.

We've been building the chicken coop all week. I built the first wall on Monday by myself because I couldn't find the screw bit for the drill. The large nails take too much strength and accurracy for the kids to be able to hammer. But Tuesday afternoon, they helped me build the other three walls with the drill and helped measure all the boards for cutting. Yesterday after work, Jim helped me assemble the walls, so the coop is coming along. I'm hoping to get the hardware cloth stapled on today and the chicken wire dug down along the perimeter.

The kids have been in the pool every day this week, having a blast. I think that's going to be money well spent this summer!

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