Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Another one of those know, the kind where you jam so much in that you look back and think, "Did that all happen in one day?"

We spent the morning cleaning and organizing the kids' room and playroom upstairs--a major feat, since pretty much every toy was on the floor somewhere! We got everything back together and in place, hung up all the dress up stuff, organized the accessories, Polly Pockets, Legos, etc. The girls watched X-men while Sam and I worked at organizing, then Julia came in and offered to help, and the three of us knocked out the rest of the room. While I vacuumed, all three kids finished their movie.

After second breakfast, I gave the girls manicures with the nailpolish they picked up yesterday with their budget money---metallic, light blue! I even put some on my toe nails. Ewwww! Then I helped the girls with put on some tattoos. Emily has a butterfly on her cheek, but Julia was more subtle, opting for a flower on her bicep. These two are just too much!

We read some library books. The kids packed up a backpack with dectective gear and headed out to search for mysterious clues in the rain. Then, they came in and put on a musical show. Emily built a stand microphone out of Tinkertoys; Sam played his canteen like a drum and Julia danced. Too funny! Before dinner, the girls painted and stamped with an art kit Julia got as a birthday gift, and Emily drew the entire cast of X-men.

This evening Emily and I watched a National Geographic special on Egypt--one of her current passions. When it was all over, their daddy made everyone strawberry milkshakes--yummmm! Now, they're happily playing in the playroom.

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