Wednesday, May 26, 2004

We've been on our Seahorse Hunt the past two days. Yesterday, we went walking on the boardwalk and found one, then drove down to Chesapeake Beach and found another. We missed two, which we'll have to backtrack and try to locate. It was quite hot out, so we made some vanilla milkshakes when we got back home and watched the new Peter Pan movie. The kids loved it! We watched it again in the evening after playing some on the new climbing wall and having some dinner, and they watched it one last time this morning before we had to return it.

Today, we went on a major hunt and found 7 horses! We drove a big loop down to Prince Frederick, stopped and had some lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet, and found some more seahorses on the ride home. When we got back, we printed out the map and scavenger hunt questions. Sam is totally into maps these days, so he's very excited to have his own map. Emily read several of the questions and remembered all but one of the answers, which was that baby seahorses eat 3,600 brine shrimp in a ten hour period. That was a pretty tough one! Then she wanted to read through all the questions we hadn't found yet and try to guess the answers. She's amazing! Should be fun to see if we were close or not! The kids have all been having loads of fun driving around looking for the seahorses. Now, they're very excited to head out and find some more tomorrow!

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