Thursday, May 13, 2004

Well, I had a whole post composed last week when my computer crashed. ARGH! Onto a new laptop and more posts...

We've had a really fun week. The weather has been blasted hot, and the kids have really enjoyed playing in the pond. They've found snails and tadpoles, tried to catch the frogs, fed the koi. The fish are becoming tame again after a winter of no feeding and are starting to nibble on the kids' toes when the put them in the water.

Mother's Day was really great. Dh put some shelves up in Sam's closet for us, so now we can store games and puzzles in there. He also put the cargo net up on the climber, and the kids have been having a blast down there. Julia can not only go down the fireman's pole, she can go up! What a climber! Emily can do a flip around and off the turnbar, and Sam takes a running start, grabs the disk swing like Tarzan and sets himself mid-flight. They're having so much fun; I think dh is really glad he built it.

After a visit from my mom when the girls shared Sam's bunkbed, the kids decided that they all wanted to sleep in Sam's room and turn the girls' room into an upstairs playroom. So, we put the girls' bed down in the family room kind of like a daybed. We've moved all the dress-up stuff upstairs, and set up the train table in there for the legos and polly pockets. They like having more toys upstairs and having a place to play after dh and I are in bed--sometimes they don't like being downstairs late at night.

We've done so much the past week. As always, the number of things we've talked and learned about are too many to recount here. We met with the 4-H extension officer this week, so I could look into becoming a project leader. We've heard so many great things about 4-H from other unschoolers that we checked it out for ourselves, and it sounds like loads of fun--a much better fit for us than Scouts would be. We're looking forward to starting a chicken club with some heirloom breeds and a rock hound climbing club.

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