Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Holiday Fun!

Here's one of those drive-by picture posts, just so I can say that I've updated the blog, and so that I can prove to Madeline that we made good use of her gingerbread mold that I still haven't returned.

Christmas morning. Those are original Lionel trains under the tree that Jim's dad had when he was young. It's hard to say who has more fun with them every year: Jim, his dad, or the kids. I'm in the back checking the fire in the wood stove:

Here's Sam with his new cowboy guns. I think they're the same ones that he wanted to win so desperately from Marty Dodd at the St. Louis Live and Learn Conference several years ago. He's quite pleased with them! Better late than never. And yes, Kelly, if you read this blog, those are our caricatures from the conference on the wall behind the sofa. Connections, connections!

This is also a good shot of the basement family room we've been working on, for those following that ongoing saga:

Gingerbread house fun on Christmas Day:

Not a particularly good picture of the gingerbread houses, but it's photographic proof anyway:

An afternoon romp in the pastures, trying to work off all the food we've eaten already. Don't know if you can see them, but Sam has his guns and holster for good measure:

I'm bringing up the rear a bit more slowly. It's the mimosas and the eggs benedict draggin' me down. Jules, of course, was sweet enough to run back down the hill to keep me company:

Had to include this one of tattoo fun:

And last but not least, a New Year's Day hike on the Appalachian Trail. Happy New Year all! Maybe this year I'll get my new year's cards out before April. Maybe....


Madeline said...

yay for sage reader letting me know when you update here! The molds were put to such good use there, for the second year in a row. It makes me so happy. We can't wait to see you guys.

Sandra Dodd said...

I'm sorry Marty's walmart cowboy guns have loomed large in Sam's mind. What a sweetie he was at that conference, and how big and good looking he is!

They all look happy!

Steve Johnson said...

Now that's one good looking family.

Happy New Year!

Danielle said...

Madeline, the mold is living in my van now so that I won't forget it. Have a great time at the conference, and we can't wait to see you!

Sandra, thank you for the compliment. He's definitely growing into himself, and it's great fun to watch. He did want those guns so badly; I'm glad he has them now.

Steve! How wonderful to hear from you! I hope you and your crew are well. If you get a chance email Jim at james dot his last name at gmail dot com. He'd love to hear from you, and I'm sure he's lost your contact info.

Lisa said...

wow, how wonderful that you are blogging again. :)
i hadn't seen pix of your kids and awhile, and wow they've changed!
so glad to hear your voice back on the list. :)