Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's the sound a cow makes?

That's not the sound a cow makes!

Now, that's the sound a cow makes.

Emily with our new cow, Bella. (Yes, for those of you who read my farm blog, we've finally settled on a name for her.) We have raw milk coming out the wazoo and it's wonderful!

Um, not really the wazoo, you know.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that first one was a great approximation! (the child, not the geese :p)

Livia said...

Hahaah!! I loved Emily's mooing, and then the geese. I love those geese of yours.

Your cows a gorgeous beast. I can't wait to see her (alright, that's a lie I can, I'm having enough fun that waiting to meet a cow is doable. Waiting to see ya'll, maybe not so doable).

Peace lady. Tell the children I say Hey.

kelli said...

oh my gosh, that's awesome! The goose, priceless, and Emily after she mooed :)

I love cows, she's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh! That's sooo hilarious... the ducks quacking and Emily being excited in the 2nd video! :)

Are you going to the Unschooling Conference in September '08? I saw your testimonial on their site, so I thought I'd come by and visit. ;)