Monday, April 14, 2008

Building Beehives

We're getting bees this spring, and the first step is to build the hives, which arrived precut in about a thousand pieces. This quickly turned into a family affair even though the bees are my gardening thing.

The kids helped glue and hammer, and Jim lent his building expertise to be sure we didn't mess up (which, judging by this photo, I didn't always agree with!). We were able to get four hive bodies put together along with five frames. We still have two honey supers and 35 frames left to go! Once we're all done, we'll stain them and get them set up out in the hedgerow. Our bees will arrive mid-May, so we should be on a pretty good trajectory. I'll post pics once they're all set up outside.


Olivia [Ms Thang] said...

Yeah, man! Have fun, and never follow the instuctions. :P I love the Blue Moon boxes, one in each picture.
Keep the pretty faces up! xP


Anonymous said...

normally i just lurk around your site, but today i felt compelled to comment. my 5 year old son is really interested in bee keeping and i know nothing about it so i'm hoping to gleen a bit of wisdom from your site now so that i might answer some of his questions...while learning a bit myself.
i'm currently researching in our area for bee keepers to introduce our son to and perhaps pay a visit to, but we live in japan and my japanese isn't very good so i'm not having much luck.
so, i'm really glad you're going to keep bees.

Ren said...

You're more brave than I! Just two hives for this year. And I purchased the pre-made frames because an hour and a half for 10 frames sounded daunting (I chose crimp wire and wax foundation after much research).

Anyhoo, our exciting news today is that the kids went to jump on the trampoline and there were a bunch of bees! Underneath the trampoline was a we'll call the beekeeping club in the morn and see if someone wants to come collect them. I am sticking with just two hives for this year.:)

Free bees for someone...and we'll get to see how they collect a swarm. coolbeans.

Steve said...

I just have to ask - what's with all the Q-tips? The glue, I suppose?

I don't know where you get the energy.

Danielle said...

Thanks for all the comments! It's quite an adventure, that's for sure.

Ren, we're only keeping two hives as well. I ordered enough to do two deep body hives plus one super for each hive because Brushy Mountain was offering free shipping to beginning beekeepers. Shipping is a killer, so I went ahead and bought what all I thought I'd need eventually for the two hives.

Steve, yes, the q-tips were for the glue application.

Wendy said...

Oh fantastic. This is definitely on my list to do 'one day', but for now I'll just live vicariously through you.

Good luck.

RainbowRivers said...

I very much enjoy your blog! My husband wants to keep bees, I just want the honey and wax for candles haha! Bees seem to go out of their way to sting me in the face while I just mind my own business! I must give off a scent that ticks them off! Great Photos!

Anonymous said...

I watch your blog, Im into bees too , and that is what i have, 2 hives. My third yr. My bees made it through winter this year. last year they starved during a freeze we had in April.Watch out for mites They are bad.and learn how to avoid the chemicals.I also caught my first swarm last year. It was cool!It amazes me what you do on 5 acres. You must have cool neighbors. I live in Pa. Parents have a farm Sheila