Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some recent projects, among many others

Here's one of those boring collected photos posts just to keep up with some of the projects the kiddos are up to these days.

Experiments in ice.

Geomag stegosaurus.

Helium balloon basket experiments.

Tangram tessellation I.

Tangram tessellation II.

Multi-tiered lego birthday cake.

Lego Halloween decorations.



dharmamama said...

Not boring! You should go back and edit that out - it's nice to feel a little connection, and photos are a great way to do that!

I couldn't quite see what the ice experiment was - my guys like to fill large containers with water and freeze their action figures... it's part of the ongoing story, the hero has to break through the ice somehow.

Lovin' the legos!

Shell said...

Nothing boring about these photos...they are relaly impressive. What wonderfully creative chidlren ,adn a whole lot of cool stuff goign on at your place, Danielle :0)
Shell (in New Zealand)

Kim said...

I enjoy seeing the creative side of kids. Keep taking pictures. I always do of such things because as you know, Lego birthday cakes don't last forever!

Tracy said...

It sure looks like your kids stay busy!!
Please consider checking out my website Science Projects for Kids, it's full of great activities and totally free to enjoy!