Friday, July 06, 2007

Visiting Daddy at Work

The other day we dropped Jim off at work before heading into the city. His car had died, so he'd taken the truck into work the next day and had an extra vehicle to bring home, so we decided to make a day of it. He is a scientist, so visiting lab is always a whole lot of fun. Emily spent a lot of time in his lab at grad school while I was teaching or doing research, but since leaving campus, we've become very disconnected from his workplace. Adding to that the fact that he's a government researcher adds another layer of security and difficulty to visits, so the kids are always pretty excited when they get to go see daddy's lab.


Madeline said...

So lucky to have a scientist as a dad! These pictures have a period feel to them (maybe it's the glasses?) that made me think at first that they were from your childhood.

Tina H. said...

I have posted a link of your blog onto mine.
If this isn't ok, let me know.
Thank You,

Danielle said...

Tina, I'm flattered you wanted to link to my blog—thanks for letting me know and giving me the opportunity to check out your blog as well!

Madeline—I think it's the combination of the glasses and the timeless industrial cabinetry. *g* The kids have lots of fun having a scientist for a dad.

kim said...

Cool. I admire the dress code too. I bet the kids love it there.

jenn said...

Danielle, I'm enjoying your blog. I have linked to it from my own unschooling blog- let me know if you mind.

Your experiences and wise words (on the Always unschooled forum) have encouraged me through tough times with my own son and helped me be a more patient mum. Thanks.

~Crystal~DaikiniCrossroads said...

So I'm thinking to myself about my little mad scientist and I say, "How in the world did your kiddos keep their hands at their sides?" BG OHHHH, that is just kid paradise!