Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Camouflage Sam

Meet "Camouflage" Sam: he's a popsicle-stick figure that Julia made for her brother, and he's been on many adventures. He's been stampeded by chickens, held on for dear life as he ran through the pasture attached to a dog collar, and he even got snuffled by a pig. Em took the picture of Julia, Sam, and Camouflage Sam on the right. Emily and Julia have been having quite a fun time together, making a whole civilization of popsicle-stick figures clad in naught but pipecleaners. I have a lovely yellow dress and saucy red shoes. I like that about me. It took camo for Sam to become interested, but become interested he did! Camouflage Sam was his best buddy for at least a week, going everywhere with him.

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