Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This is one of those retrospective kinds of posts, full of snapshots from our first year on our homestead.


Anonymous said...

So sweet. I want to homestead so I can have a big dog too. And livestock. And a big garden.
Kim, city girl at relaxed homeskool

Robin said...

I love the photos, it looks beautiful! Definitely makes me nostalgic for my farm girl days.

arun said...

would love to know more about unschooling on a farm... we are currently torn between me wanting to live near libraries and the like and my partner who wants land and animals etc.. Our oldest is only 5 yrs, so wondering how the farm thing would work as they get older... love to read more how you guys are going.

Danielle said...

Thanks all. Arun, you're welcome to check out my farm blog if you're interested: