Monday, August 07, 2006

Everyday Happenings

Consider this a catch-all post covering all the little things that happen day in and day out, warranting a picture but not seeming quite enough for a whole blog post.

Despite the fact that Em looks extremely bored in this photo (note to self: always take more than one!), she is in fact concentrating on learning cursive. Cursive, for heaven's sake! Who would've guessed that one? She had been looking in my farm journal, trying to decipher some of the notes I'd made for myself in my own hybrid cursive print. Next thing I knew, she was wanting to know what the letters were in the word "goat," then more and more letters, until I'd written out the cursive alphabet for her, and she began writing a story in cursive. Translated: "The girl is annoying to her brothers."

Sam loves building and was dying to build a new catapult with the tools he got for his birthday. Together with their dad, Sam and Jules helped build a trebuchet, capable of launching significantly further than the bungie cord catapult they'd built about a year before. Using several items on hand--a dowel rod as a pivot and a weight from a set of dumbells--they built a trebuchet that was about a foot high and able to launch small items between 10 and 15 feet away. The kids had loads of fun playing with it until the dowel construction gave way; they now have plans for building a 4 foot model that will be significantly sturdier.

All the kids enjoy creating with legos, and Em's recently begun building diaramas that are totally cool. This particular scene involves camping in an RV, though she's made mermaids and space scenes as well. The kids' creativity and internal motivation always amazes me, as they learn and explore in ways I never could have predicted. Learning truly is everywhere!


Madeline said...

Gillen recently took an interest in cursive too! Same age as Emily. I was blown away! I let him use my light box (for tracing) which made it even more fun.

As for the catapults. I want to learn that one! I wouldn't have a clue how. No engineers here at all (the most we've built is brid houses). I'm going to look that one up.

Danielle said...

Oooh, a light box sounds like fun! Maybe a new tool to look into once we get our art center and family room finished. Too many projects!

Catapults and trebuchets are loads of fun, especially for those interested in fantasy and medieval weaponry. The first one the kids and dh built on a whim at the old house in an attempt to launch kitchen scraps down to the chicken run. ;) Amazing what motivates!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Unschooling- the way things were just meant to be.
Danielle (not Conger)

flowerpot said...

Lego is one of my childrens fav homescholing activities, lol.

mom2radata said...

My mother-in-law went to the lego store and filled one of those big cups with wheels, rocket packs and other "things that go" so we have been doing a lot with legos, too.

javaseeker said...

Just a note to say how inspiring your path is. Look forward to many more posts!