Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Beer Can Physics and Other Experiments

In the past few weeks, the kids have been discovering some really cool physics experiments, along with dh's help at times.

Of course, we've done the wine glass sound wave experiment and the beer bottle pitch experiment, but we've recently discovered more alcohol-vessel fun for the whole family! Nothing like debauchery in a scientific context to lend it an air of respectability. As we were sitting in the kitchen, visiting and noshing, dh discovered that he could balance his bear can on the little concave lip around the bottom once the right amount of liquid remained to aid balance. The kids immediately joined in, trying to figure out what was helping it balance and retrieving empty cans from the recycle bin to figure out that empty cans didn't work and to proceed filling them with water to test them out. One thing led to another, and eventually, dh and the kids were poking holes in the bottom quarter of the can, balancing and trying to predict which way the can would fall as the water level drained out the hole. What fun!

We had some gorgeous weather recently, which translated into entire days spent outside playing and exploring. The kids took the old garden hose and started trying to rope the tree, creating "jungle vines" to fuel their imaginative fun. Pretty soon, the jungle vines became swings, and before long the kids had figured out how to create a rudimentary pulley system that enabled them to raise and lower themselves by pulling on the hose. Pretty cool, eh? Jules, possibly the strongest climber of us all, could pull herself all the way to the top of the branch--of course it helps that she has a crazy strength to weight ratio, weighing maybe 40 lbs. sopping wet.

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