Tuesday, September 27, 2005


We recently purchased a trampoline from JumpSport, and the kids have been having a grand ol' time on it. They helped dad put it together the night it arrived--what a sport! Dad that is, not trampoline jumping, though that's quite fun as well. It only took about an hour to get up and boinging--the newest verb in our home.

Jumping was only half the fun that evening, as things quickly turned to thoughts of a camp out. Of course, they didn't end up staying out all night--the planning is half the fun. Schlepping everything out is always so much easier than getting it all back in. Sam looks quite at ease--he's considering moving out there, I think. Hmmm...he'd probably miss his computer and the tv pretty quickly though. The peace and quiet just watching the clouds go by, however, might be worth the trade off.

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